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Chris P Austin, the creator of Setter | Hitter | Libero College Video Courses has broken down the levels of the volleyball athlete.

This program is for the Level 1, 2, & 3 people…


Excitingly approached by the person who knows little about volleyball in the areas of touching the ball (physical) OR how to think about the game/speak to yourself (mental) OR how to communicate what you see and how to respond (IQ) OR a combination of the three. The person who is intrigued to be taught what to do and how to do it. The person who wants to be heading to LEVEL 2 in six months or sooner!

Any of these descriptions ring a bell for you?

  • Youth person age 17 on down to 5 years old who wants to learn the game technically clean from champions and have a laugh while doing it.
  • The adult age 55 on down to 18 who is beginning the game for the first or second time in their life.
  • The school, club, or even college player who wants more from their technique and isn’t afraid to go forward from the starting line.
  • The coach who wants to know how to teach the game from the ground to the middle, and teach it physically, mentally, & with IQ.


Motivated and populated with the person who knows some about volleyball, yet doesn’t know nearly everything there is to know. The person who is somewhere in the middle stages of their learning and knowledge, looking to get a breakthrough into the next level.

Any of these descriptions fit what you’re looking for?

  • Youth person age 19 on down to 11 who wants to improve their circumstances in the sport.
  • Advancing from Freshmen/Junior Varsity to Varsity at school.
  • Propelling from the second or third team in club to the number one team.
  • Ready to consider pushing to play in college or on a travel club team.
  • Adult age 45 on down to 20 who is looking to join a club team or rec league and start feeling more confident on and off the court.
  • The coach who wants to know how to teach the game to the newer and middle level players in hopes to glide them onto being a top player in the area.


Lightly comprised of the top volleyball people in the area. This is for the person who is really trying to gain separation from the mean in term of their play, knowledge, and coaching. For the person who puts volleyball as a must in their life and is wanting the details hidden away by the great minds within the game. We get in deep at Level 3 and really look to have your knowledge smash a hole in the ground.

Does one of these resonate with you?

  • Want to be the top player in the area
  • Want to be a primary reason that the team wins titles
  • Want to play in college or professionally
  • Want to be the coach who seems to always have what to do
  • Want to maximize potential

Coach Chris P Austin - Instructor

Coach Chris P Austin has spent his life searching for how to #BecomeYourBest. Here are some note-worthy accomplishments that you should know.

  • 2X NCAA Division 1 National Champion
  • 11 year Pro Player
  • FIVB Medalist for USA Volleyball
  • Former member of the USA Men's National Training Team
  • An author of multiple books (Become Your Best, The Way: A Hawaiian Story of Growth, Relationships & Volleyball)
  • Owner of multiple successful businesses (Chris P Austin Media, Championship Performance Advantage, Setter | Hitter | Libero College)
  • Coronado HS Athletic Hall Of Fame
  • Large Group Speaker


“I started with Chris a couple months ago and something that he has brought to my game is not only how to be dominant at the high school and club level, but also the next level. I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned at UCLA.”

- Alex Knight, UCLA Indoor & USA Youth National Team

I always really wanted to set and when I met Chris I started to learn all the fundamentals and my mental game started to get stronger. This past season I started on a 16’s team as a 13 year old and also made varsity at my high school as a freshman. This is why I recommend Chris because, he is a really good coach.”

- Kahea Carvalho, Palos Verdes HS & Surfside VBC

“Before I met Chris I was a sophomore on JV and after I trained with Chris and National Champ Volleyball that summer, I was able to make varsity as a setter. He taught me the fundamentals of setting and everything I needed to be successful. My senior year I was needed as a hitter, so Chris was able to help me with all the skills I needed to be able to pass and attack. All the training I received from Chris led me to be able to play at Queens University.”

- Jack Mitchner, Queens University

“I met Chris this year and what he taught me about Championship mentality paid off, as we made 4 straight open division tournament finals.”

- Akhil Tangutur, UC Irvine Indoor & USA Youth National Team